Through iterative role plays, podcasts, and one-on-one appointments participants will explore a variety of embodied extra-sensory techniques inside the fictional framing of a speculative institution called PSY-SOMA-TEK. Founded by a mysterious group in a time of crisis, the institute seeks to create sustainable psy-somatic technologies to find missing people, see into the past and future, and communicate and connect across distances, decentralize knowledge and extend powers to those in need when the technocratic-suprastructures of the old order have started to fall apart.

PSY-SOMA-TEK channel

One-on-one sessions:

Can be scheduled for 1 or 2 hours in duration. A 2 hour session can be conducted within the fiction of PSY-SOMA-TEK, or without the ficitional framing but still exploring some techniques from the institution and will aid in their research and development. Sessions conducted within the fiction will have off-game time to enter and neogoiate the world, and then to exit it at the end. There is always a way to communicate off-game and participants can end either the fiction or the session at any time.

Techniques to be explored include:

Telepathic Drawing - Using embodied remote viewing,  participants will learn how to send and recieve visual information to each other 

Embodied Mnemonics - The art, or some would say magic of memory has been practiced for millenia in different ways in many cultures. We will practice some mnemonic techniques that use motion and the body: either ancient or newly discovered.

Somatic lessons: focus in on an area, system or material of the body. Learn about it from different culture perspectives, and explore your own personal history/narratives/relationship to the bodymind and environment. Learn a different way of touch or listening to the bodymind. Can include movement to whatever level is available to the participant. 

Somatic sessions: similar to the somatic lesson, but could include body work and touch if the session is in-person (wearing masks and airing the room when possible). Online somatic sessions would focus on leading the participant through self-touch (or with another person), movement exercises, or guided somatic meditations.