The importance of Cumulativity
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Writing published elsewhere

Skinship: Touching Intelligence (T.I.)
Larp Script
First... Then, Repeat. Workshop scripts in practice
ed. Anja Groten, pgs 108-113.
Amsterdam: Hackers and Designers, 2022

Ecology of Attention
ed. Montag Modus
Berlin: Montag Modus, 2021

Larping Human-Robot Interaction
Research paper
written with Jonas Jørgensen
HRI 2020 Workshop on Exploring Creative Content in Social Robotics
Cambridge, UK: 15th Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human Robot Interaction, HRI 2020

A Rough Draft for a Sample Script of a Playtest of a Hypothetical Larp Called Ars Moriendi
ed. Sina Najafi and Prem Krishnamurthy
The Death of the Artist
Brooklyn, US: Cabinet Books, 2018