07.02.2023 - Ongoing 
Extra-Sensory Episode 1
Extra-Sensory Episode 2
Extra-Sensory Episode 3

JaJaJaNeeNeeNee Radio

Extra-Sensory is a 3 part audio journey into the multi-sensory nature of psychic perception


Winterlab: Inner and Outer Acts 
ArtEZ University of Arts Zwolle

PSY-SOMA-TEK 4 day larp and workshop 


10.4.2021 - 25.4.2021
Appendix Songs
PuntWG, Amsterdam, NL
Mónica Mays, Susan Ploetz,
Tom K. Kemp, J.F. Peschot


Midsommar Rose
Outo Oulo, Hesinki, FI
Lukas Malte Hoffmann & Susan Kooi
with Malibu, Susan Ploetz, Man Yau, Feminist Culture House

Skinship larp. Last day to sign up: 12.02.2021 

1.12 & 3.12.20
AI Party Pep Rally
Bombina Bombast, Malmö, SE

Two runs of Skinship/Touching Intelligence online larps and an artists talk streamed on Twitch