a larp and series of somatic workshops

The somatics sessions are meant to build a vocabulary of skills (hyperobservation, ideokinesis, hyperempathy, interfacing) that we can implement and instrumentalise as somatic simulations in a day-long LARP. Participation in the larp however, is not mandatory.  

Martin Gropius Bau
Sunday July 8th      11:00-15:30
Sunday July 15th    11:00-13:30 
Sunday July 22nd   11:00-13:30 
Friday July 27th     10:00-14:00

Special Session:
Sunday July 29th  12:00-17:00
at tier.space

LARP: July 31st, 10:00-19:00 (Gropius Bau)

Workshops and larp are a part of the Welt Ohne Aussen exhibition at Martin Gropius Bau curated by Tino Seghal and Thomas Oberender. Workshops curated by Isabel Lewis and Annika Kuhlman. 

10 €/7 € reduced day ticket
admission to the exhibition and all workshops/performances that day.

Permanent ticket 25€ / 20€ reduced
admission to the exhibtion, all performances and workshops for the duration of the exhibition ( runs until August 5th). 

session at tier.space is offered for
a 5-40 € sliding scale donation.

Through a series of somatic workshops we will use breath, observation, movement, and touch to explore the material intelligences of the bodymind/being, which is both our most primal, intimate experience and also sometimes our most alien. How can we develop an intimacy with the alien within/without, how can this re-shape how we think of ourselves as beings? 

8.July: other/outside

An in-depth exploration of the senses and how they affect movement, perception, cognition. We recognize how environment shapes organism. We also start to become aware of the interplay between imagination and physical material of the bodymind.

15.July: ideokinesis/other forms
A shorter, focused session on ideokeinesis as a faculty. We will use it to explore the evolutionary morphology of humans from non-human life forms.

22.July: other/inside

We become more acquainted with the alien presence of the organs: how this vibrant internal community shapes our being, and how it processes and hosts other.   

27.July: interfacing/playtesting

Interfacing is how two beings come together. We integrate the work of previous sessions as we transpose senses and explore different qualities of bodymind material. We will also explore the nervous system, and how this comes into play in alien/human encounters as played out in the larp on July 31st.

29.July: interfacing/playtesting

(repeat session at tier space)

The Guild is a larp set in a speculative scenario inspired by the Xenogenesis trilogy by Octavia Butler: a world where alien and human life forms are inextricably linked and the characters must grapple with what it is to be “human” or “alien” in a world where the distinction between the two is disappearing. 

Tuesday July 31st, 10:00-19:00
Martin Gropius Bau

Please pre-register at ploetzly@gmail.com

A Player’s guide can be found here

10 € / 7 € for day of larp

(included if you buy the permenent ticket) 
Aliens have rescued humans from their destruction of the earth, but it comes with a cost: each human had to decide to mate with the aliens or be rendered sterile.
Constructs- alien/human mixed offspring with divided sympathies- have formed a group called The Guild to try to help the Resistors: humans that want to stay human. Will the Resistors accept their help? Will the Constructs’ tremendous attraction to humans hinder their efforts?

This larp will have both verbal and non-verbal elements. This larp will contain space for consensual touch, but it will not be forced on any participant (resistance is built into game play). The themes broach on sexuality and especially procreation, but with an emphasis on an alien sense and format of these themes. There will be extensive workshopping before gameplay, which will include practicing both gameplay and consent mechanisms.

Each somatic session offered in July will help prepare participants for the LARP, but one can participate in the LARP without having done the somatic sessions. Those that HAVE participated in the somatic sessions have the opportunity to play special roles in the LARP.

The LARP will include scenographic contributions from Magnar Grønik Müller.

Please pre-register at ploetzly@gmail.com . Then you will be sent more information about the world, characters, consent, mechanisms, and play.